New Viking 1/75

65,00 €
με ΦΠΑ

Designed entirely on 3D, the renenewed wooden model of the Viking includes all the parts of his helmet cut by laser on board of first quality linden. This ensures a precise and pleasant assembly. The hull is double-lined: a first with birch ladles and a second lining with sapelly veneer. The second liner is designed for beginners modellers because it allows hiding the small errors of the first liner.

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La Niña Caravel 1/65


176,00 €

Build the wooden model of the caravel La Niña. The model kit includes all parts you need: hand-sewn sails, threads, wood, metal, prefabricated wooden pieces... In addiction to a complete and detailed full color set of instructions that will guide you in the construction. Discover the conditions in which they traveled in 1492 recreating this model.

New Galleon San Francisco II 1/90


195,30 €

Have fun while you are building this incredible and renewed model of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries Spanish galleon, San Francisco II. A very important ship for the Invincible Armada. It includes detailed instructions in full color and all the parts needed for its construction, threads, wood, sails... Modeling is your hobby and Artesanía Latina has everything you need.

Ελληνική Διήρης (Greek Bireme), 1/72


85,56 €

Ελληνική Διήρης (Greek Bireme), 1/72

Η διήρης ήταν τύπος αρχαίου ελληνικού κωπήλατου, πολεμικού πλοίου σε αντιδιαστολή με το "στρογγυλό" που ήταν φορτηγό κωπήλατο πλοίο και όχι "αμφίπλωρο" όπως ήταν εκείνο. Ο όρος αναφέρεται σε πλοία με δυο στοίχους κωπηλατών, είτε δίκροτα (με δύο σειρές κουπιών και έναν κωπηλάτη ανά κουπί) είτε μονόκροτα (με μια σειρά κουπιών με δύο κωπηλάτες ανά κουπί). 

Frigate HMS Bounty 1/48


427,00 €

Build the wooden model of the HMS Bounty ship. The 1:48 scale model designed for this naval modeling kit includes all the necessary parts to complete this wonderful artwork: high quality woods and metals, cotton threads, handsewn sails ready to be placed, step-by-step detailed instructions... Enjoy this essential ship of the XVIII Century